Robbie Hall


I use my expertise in the visual and digital space to help give you a singular voice in an era filled with noise and distraction.



Web Development

About RH Creative Co

I have always been captivated by the ability to create something out of nothing. Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to have talented and artistic men and women graciously pour time and energy into teaching me various skills and crafts. I enjoy taking opportunities to do the same for others now, as well as building authentic relationships with other creatives. I look forward to creating with you and can be reached at robbie@rhcreative.co or robbie@usefulgroup.com if you have immediate requests and/or inquiries.

Robbie Hall



I am looking forward to working together and/or finding a way to do a collaboration. Please feel free to reach me directly with the contact information below or complete the form and I will be in touch as soon as possible. I am truly excited to see what we can create together.

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What people say?

I’ve worked with Robbie on a number of different projects: everything from building an entire business system to designing a single webpage. He’s friendly, transparent, well-organized, and an excellent problem-solver. He always looks for ways to provide what my boss calls “surprise and delight.” I really enjoy doing projects with him!

Kathryn Royster, Houselens

What people say?

Robbie has been very helpful every step of the way through a website redesign. Very prompt to return calls, emails and a great coach learning a new system. Highly recommended!

Keri Turner, Jeff Roberts

What people say?

He was the perfect blend of tech and creative, implementing parts of the project I requested while helpfully explaining why other parts would not work. He also acted as my photographer and took my photos. I’m hard to please, but he made me happy! He was flexible, fun, and willing to engage with me to make my site feel truly my own.

Melissa Allen, Dream Counsel

What people say?

Robbie is the ultimate multifaceted creative! I’ve loved collaborating and watching him bring my visions to life. I’m amazed by his efficiency with time and technology… truly on the leading edge. He completely built my new website, has taken incredible photos, and we are currently creating concepts for a new music video. Couldn’t be more impressed!

Natalee Falk, Singer/Songwriter

What people say?

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the website Robbie built for me. Not to mention his amazing photography which is featured on my website. If anyone is looking for someone to do photography, website building, video (or really anything creative at all) I highly recommend him!